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Parlor Pillows

Parlor Pillows is a collection of embroidered pillows reminiscent of the 30’s and 40’s when handwork was prominently displayed in a woman’s home.  The fancier the work, the more it was shown off – ultimately in the parlor where guests would be surrounded by these pretty little touches.  The colored areas of the designs in these pillows are colored in with crayons.  The patterns come complete with a fat quarter of my hand dyed cotton for the stitched area, giving your work a vintage feel.  My fabric will accept either a fabric crayon or a standard Crayola crayon.  You just trace the design on the fabric, color in the sections as directed, and stitch as explained in the complete directions.  Finish the pillow as shown, or try framing your work.  And when you’re done, decorate your “parlor” and invite company over!

                                                            Have Fun!


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