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So do I! If we're not at a quilt show coming to your town soon, or if you're unable to visit us here at the mercantile, I invite you to take advantage of our online shopping. Or perhaps you want more of the beautiful hand dyed, sueded cotton you bought at our booth.

You can order Liberty Homestead Quilt Books, Patterns, and Kits, as well as our own Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton right from your home.

We offer secure credit card payments, as well as PayPal, and your order will be quickly shipped to your sewing room. (Unless we're at a quilt show! Check out our show schedule when ordering.) Feel free to email me with any questions you have about my designs or fabrics. I love to get e-mail!

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As many of you know, I’ve been designing & writing books and patterns for 35 years now.  I have books that I no longer show at quilt shows, and I’m offering these exclusively on the website for this great price.  This is the time to add to your collection.  You can’t beat the classics!  Enjoy, Glenda.

Into The Woods - Farmhouse Quilts

This is the 4th book in the Farmhouse series. The overall style of the book and the techniques used are the same as explained for the first two books - "Baskets & Patches" and "Schoolhouse Classics". The theme for this book is trees - all kinds of trees. One of the favorite quilts in this book is the "Devil's Claw" quilt, shown draped along the left side in the photograph. This quilt features traditional block piecing, wool applique trees, and little bits of embroidery - it's fun to make and you won't get bored with all these different elements! There is also a wonderful little redwork quilt with emboidered woodland scenes. There are two traditional "Tree of Life" quilts, a mini 9-Patch, wall quilts, pillows, banners, and much more. Many projects combine machine piecing, wool applique, and embroidery. All in all this is a 68 page book filled with every kind of tree - pieced, appliqued, and embroidered. Take a walk "into the woods" and enjoy!

QB15 - Into The Woods - $21.95 SALE PRICE - $10.95

The Scrap Basket - Farmhouse Quilts

"The Scrap Basket" is the seventh book in the popular Farmhouse Quilts series. In this book you'll find about every basket block you'd ever want to make. And you can mix and match the baskets from quilt to quilt to give your quilt your own personal touch.
The baskets are shown many different ways, as is, filled with wool flowers, filled with embroidered bouquets, or filled with bright little cherries. They are shown with different styles of appliqued handles, or with no handles at all. The baskets go from all one color to "the scrappier the better". This is one book that will really let you develop your own creativity. QB21

QB21 - The Scrap Basket - $21.95 SALE PRICE - $10.95

The Kitchen Hearth - Farmhouse Quilts

"The Kitchen Hearth" is the 6th book in the popular Farmhouse Quilts series. The style and feel of the book as well as techniques used are the same as explained in the previous books. This book features quilts and other projects with "the heart of the home" stitched right into them. The hanging quilt on the front cover shows pieced and appliqued baskets arranged in a postage stamp pattern. In between the basket blocks are embroidered bouquets made up of little wool flowers. This is a very charming quilt to hang in your kitchen or any room in your house. There are other basket quilts and embroidered quilts in the book, including a little redwork quilt . This little quilt features embroidered steaming tea cups, a tea pot, a daisy bouquet, and a cherry pie that looks good enough to eat! And speaking of snacks, there's a fun little gingerbread man wall quilt and door knob pillow -non-fattening! All in all, this is a very versatile book combining piecing, applique, and embroidery with wool accents on several pieces. Projects range from a 35" x 48" Bear Paw Kaleidoscope quilt to small wall hangings, door knob pillows, tea towels, and pot holders. Bring the heart of the home to every room in your house!

QB18 - The Kitchen Hearth - $21.95 SALE PRICE - $10.95

Wildflowers - Farmhouse Quilts

This is the 5th book in the Farmhouse series. The overall style of the book and the techniques used are the same as explained for the first four books. The theme for this book is flowers - all kinds of flowers. Shown in the upper right section of the cover is a wonderful version of the traditional pieced lily quilt. This quilt combines the pieced lily using scrap fabrics with wool applique stems & leaves. All around the edges are little embroidered bouquets with colorful wool "flower dots". Also included in the book is another version of a pieced lily in a basket. These lilies are combined with traditional 9-Patch block and are made from colorful scraps pieced with a wonderful indigo blue background. This is a dramatic quilt done in bold, strong colors and makes a strong "statement" on a wall or a bed. There are many flower projects in this book ranging from mini quilts & wall quilts to the bed quilt, pillows, little framed pieces, and adorable little wool flowers planted in painted wooden spools (great gifts for your quilting friends!) A touch of spring all year long!

QB16 - Wildflowers - $21.95 SALE PRICE - $10.95

Schoolhouse Classics - Farmhouse Quilts

This is the second book in the Farmhouse series. All of the ideas and techniques explained for the first book - "Baskets & Patches" - are continued here, using the traditional schoolhouse block as the theme. The focal quilt of this book is the Schoolhouse Sampler, measuring 49" x 60" - a wonderfully usable size for a dramatic wall hanging or a lightweight (no batting) throw. This is the tan and navy quilt shown in the bottom left part of the front cover. There are eight different 8"schoolhouse blocks in this sampler quilt. They're put together using little eight pointed stars in the sets and a traditional sawtooth border. With eight different schoolhouses to choose from, this book will become a standard in your quilt library. Several of the other quilts in this book feature very strong folk art influences. Some also feature the wool "flower dots" and bits of embroidery as explained for the Baskets & Patches book. In addition to the flower gardens, there are now vegetable gardens, with tiny little orange wool carrots (see the little wool kits for this purpose on the "Odds & Ends" page). There are a total of eight quilts, all featuring schoolhouse designs, big & little. In addition there are several other projects: A schoolhouse banner (back cover, lower right), four different pillows featuring piecing, embroidery, and applique, and rusted tin frames (Odds 'N Ends page) that show off the little embroidered flower dots. These make wonderful gifts that are also quick, easy, and fun to make! Completing the book are sheets, pillow cases, and a pillow sham designed to coordinate with the Schoolhouse Sampler quilt.

QB10 - Schoolhouse Classics - $21.95

Contemporary Classics

This book features quilts from the 40's and 50's - designs that have become classics in a relatively short period of time. These wonderful designs are familiar to most everybody - Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam, the Dresden Plate, the Alphabet quilt, and don't forget - sock monkeys! These quilts are all shown in today's wonderful country colors and fabrics; cottons, flannels, and wools. This really gives a whole new look to these timeless treasures. The ABC quilt, which was actually around long before the 40's, is made in the wonderfully usable size of 45" x 53". This afghan-size quilt is just the right size for your little ones to wrap up in - maybe even learn a letter or two! There are other projects using the single letters such as pillows with their initials or a little banner spelling out their name to hang on a bedroom wall. The book also has a second alphabet - smaller letters to make little applique projects. Other projects include Sue & Sam shown in the flannel quilt on the cover & also done in wool applique banners. The dresden plate is shown finished as a flower with yo-yo centers & topped off with assorted buttons. The sock monkeys (now you say, "I used to have one of those!") are made in 3 different sizes - the morn, the dad, & the little girl - and sport a happenin' wardrobe done in flannels, prints, & plaids. These & the several other projects in the book take you on a wonderful walk down memory lane, keeping the traditions alive.

QB14 - Contemporary Classics - $21.95 SALE PRICE - $10.95

Woolens, Flannels, & Plaids - Book Two

This book continues the Woolens & Flannels series with several new wool & flannel quilts along with other coordinating projects. Most of the projects in this book are shown in navy blues & tans with some pretty yellow flannel accents. Several of the projects also feature little embroidered flowers - Lazy Daisies - here and there as an unexpected accent. The quilt in the upper left corner of the front cover is a Log Cabin quilt with a twist. The center of each block, traditionally the "chimney" square, is one of these little embroidered flowers. The quilt is finished with a wonderful scrap border, adding to the unique treatment of a traditional favorite. This quilt, called 'Flowers in the Cabin', measures 26" x 37". Also shown hanging on the front cover, to the lower right, is a scrappy little quilt featuring Log Cabin & Flying Geese blocks along with appliqued wool star blocks. In addition there is an appliqued wool log cabin, tree, and two little bears. Called 'A Lodge In The Forest' this quilt measures 25" x 29". It also has a border made from scraps of all the flannels used in the quilt. In addition to these two, there are five other quilts, including a 36" x 54" pieced house lap quilt. And pillows - pieced, embroidered, and wool applique. The simple embroidery - complete directions & illustrations included - is continued in other wool projects, including a navy wool banner & a little navy wool purse. A denim shirt with wool applique and a little rusted tin frame featuring embroidered wool pieces completes the book.

QB09 - Woolens Book Two - $21.95 SALE PRICE - $10.95

Woolens, Flannels, & Plaids - The Scrapbook

This is the latest book in the Woolens & Flannels series. After making several of the projects in the previous books, what do you do with all your wool & flannel scraps? You check out the scrapbook! That's the whole idea behind this book - making beautiful quilts out of all those bits & pieces that you couldn't bring yourself to throw away (now aren't you glad you didn't!). The cover quilt, measuring 37" x 49" is a wonderful folk art quilt using a little bit of everything - cottons & flannels in solids, prints, and plaids; little bits of cross stitch & embroidery (complete instructions & illustrations included); and wool applique. This is a dramatic wall hanging that is a focal point in any setting - it's warmth, textures, and varied techniques combine to create wonderful visual interest. And it's fun to work on! Besides this folk art quilt there are seven other wall quilts ranging in size from 29" x 35" to a little 11" x 14" Folk Art Flowers wool applique wall hanging. One of the favorites at a quilt show is the bear paw quilt (29" x 35") shown in the upper right corner of the back cover. This makes use of all kinds of plaid & print flannel scraps. There are single bear paw blocks, grouped bear paw blocks, and even a bear paw block on point. The bottom right corner features wool applique - a little brown bear walking through a pine tree forest. The quilt is finished with a wonderful scrap border - every little piece of fabric is usable! In addition to the quilts, there are several small projects making use of more scraps. There are lots of pillows - five - from pieced to embroidered to wool applique. There are two framed pieces - one being the "Home Sweet Home" piece that we all would like hanging in our house or to give to a friend for hers. There is a little three star banner just the right size to fit in any space - 9" x 19". And, besides all that, there is a wonderful set of place mats, napkins, and napkin rings made from a heavy cotton linen and stitched with wool applique folk art flowers - a set of four in coordinating designs. Ta-Da!

QB11 - Woolens Scrapbook - $21.95 SALE PRICE - $10.95

North of the River

North of the River - let me explain. I live in Liberty, MO, which is 15 minutes from downtown Kansas City. The greater Kansas City area is divided by the Missouri river - the Mighty Mo - which runs west to east. No matter what part of town you live in, you are automatically defined by this division. You either live south of the river or -you guessed it - north of the river. Also, since I am originally from North Dakota, I have an extra attachment to "north". The cover quilt, measuring 32" x 42", has a real "north woods" feel to it. It's made with various plaid flannels in tans, blues, greens, and golds. The gold Eight-Pointed Stars in the sky peek out from the mountains formed by blue & tan Log Cabin blocks. Between the mountains & the homestead fly a row of plaid Flying Geese. The log cabin and trees are wool applique and - if you consider "north" to be "up", as I do - this homestead sits north of the river, which is made using strips of various blue flannel plaids. On the other side of the river a little wool bear wanders among a wool appliqued forest. There are five additional wall quilts in this book ranging in size from 35" x 45" to 19" x 24". There is a scrappy flannel tote bag featuring a wool applique front panel, a wool pillow and folk art banner, and little log cabin pillows. And embroidery. Some of the most popular designs in this book are the five embroidered pillows. These pillows feature simple embroidery stitches, fully explained & illustrated, with pieced flannel borders. I don't call my work primitive - but we can call this work the most basic kind of embroidery -mistakes are allowed - we think it adds charm! To finish things off, parts of the embroidery designs are repeated on the back yoke of the denim shirt worn by my daughter, Jess.

QB06 - North of the River - $21.95 SALE PRICE - $10.95

Pine Ridge Cabins

"Pine Ridge Cabins" is the first in a new series of "booklets". This booklet has 14 pages of complete instructions and templates to make 6 exciting projects along with beautiful color pictures of each. The largest quilt, shown on the front cover, combines piecing (log cabin blocks, houses, and Ohio Stars), embroidered trees, and wool applique stars. All types of fabrics are used in this 40" x 60" quilt including cottons, flannels, & wools in solids, prints, & plaids, resulting in wonderful texture & depth - a great focal point for any room. Also included in the book is a second variation of the traditional log cabin in the same fabrics & colors, and also accented with wool applique stars. Two more smaller wall quilts feature pieced houses, embroidered & wool applique trees, traditional log cabins, and a wonderful flag waving above. To complete the book I've included two log cabin pillows using all the left over scrap fabrics. Both pillows coordinate with any of the four quilts, making this a very versatile little book - a traditional standard for any quilter's library.

QB19 - Pine Ridge Cabins - $15.95 SALE PRICE - $8.95

Prairie Blossoms

Prairie Blossoms" is the second in the new series of "booklets", which began with "Pine Ridge Cabins". This 14 page booklet also has 6 coordinating projects for which there are complete instructions, templates, and clear, colorful pictures. The quilts are made in the tradition of the Farmhouse Quilts. The quilt pictured in the center of the front cover is called "The Tall Flowers". This 36" x 41" quilt combines strips of pieced squares done in scrap fabrics - cottons & flannels - with tall appliqued flowers. These flowers are repeated in the corners of the borders and are dressed up with the smallest bit of embroidery around the centers. It is finished with a large running stitch - a utility stitch - instead of quilting, as is used in the Farmhouse Quilts books. This same type of appliqued flower is used randomly around the border of the rail fence quilt. To give this traditional quilt design more interest, some of the rails are made from strips of embroidered flowers or button flowers. One of the most striking quilts in this book is the "Baskets & Blooms" quilt done in red, yellow, tan & green. The whimsical tall appliqued flowers are combined with traditional, very geometric pieced baskets for a bold and interesting effect. There is also a coordinating basket pillow done in the same fabrics with the pieced basket spilling over with wool applique flowers. To finish off the list there are two small wall banners, both repeating the theme of pieced baskets & appliqued flowers. Each of the projects in this little book compliments the next beautifully. They can either stand alone as a wonderful accent piece, or you can make a unique grouping of two or more pieces. This little book is packed with big possibilities!

QB20 - Prairie Blossoms - $15.95 SALE PRICE - $8.95