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So do I! If we're not at a quilt show coming to your town soon, or if you're unable to visit us here at the mercantile, I invite you to take advantage of our online shopping. Or perhaps you want more of the beautiful hand dyed, sueded cotton you bought at our booth.

You can order Liberty Homestead Quilt Books, Patterns, and Kits, as well as our own Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton right from your home.

We offer secure credit card payments, as well as PayPal, and your order will be quickly shipped to your sewing room. (Unless we're at a quilt show! Check out our show schedule when ordering.) Feel free to email me with any questions you have about my designs or fabrics. I love to get e-mail!

Liberty Homestean Quilts


Liberty HomesteadI’ve been designing quilts and writing quilt books for many, many years now. This category includes all the Liberty Homestead quilt books that are currently available, including the popular Farmhouse Quilts series. I mostly make wall size quilts, but the books also include a few larger projects, small banners, and pillows. All my books contain color pictures of completed projects, full size pattern pieces, and complete instructions. I give instructions for rotary cutting, strip piecing where possible, and any other method that will simplify the process, making it more enjoyable to create and complete your project.
In my books you’ll find a variety of techniques including traditional hand appliqué, machine appliqué, & wool appliqué, hand quilting and utility stitching (the big stitch), machine piecing, and hand embroidery. Many of my quilts are scrap quilts. You can make use of that wonderful scrap stash you have! And, of course, I use my own Hand Dyed Cottons extensively, to give my quilts that slightly aged, well-loved, traditional look that has become the trademark of Liberty Homestead quilts. I hope you enjoy browsing through my books and – Make A Quilt!
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Mailbox Quilts

Maria Tamaoka of Pinwheels and I have joined forces for this exciting new venture. Mailbox Quilts is a new & unique approach to quilt design. Take two independent designers - each with her own particular style, each with her own exclusive fabric line, each designing her own choice of quilt blocks - and combine all that into one cohesive little quilt. Sound like a challenge? Well, it is! And it’s one that we’ve embraced and are bringing to you in a 5 week format with you making the choice.   Visit for more details. Click Here to see our Mailbox Quilts Collection!


One of the main ingredients in a successful quilt, and the best way to bring that “down home” feeling into your work is through the fabric. Liberty Homestead’s Hand Dyed, Sueded Cotton is a perfect fit for both. Almost all of the quilts shown in the Farmhouse Quilt Books & patterns use this fabric for the backgrounds and all the solid colors.

The dye process known as "Sueded Cotton" is certainly not a secret or an exclusive technique, and is available from several different companies. While I have used this fabric in my designs for many years, it was about 20 years ago that I started experimenting on my own - testing out the many different techniques my research had turned up. Using the same 100% cotton fabric as the starting point, I finally perfected the look I liked the best. And because we dye the fabric here ourselves, I can create and control my own colors. You’ll love the softness and the subtle shading of our deep, rich colors. Our Hand Dyed Sueded Cottons bring a depth and texture to your quilt that will flatter your work and help you create the heirloom look we all love.

The Hand Dyed, Sueded Cotton is sold in two yard bundles and in multi-color fat quarter packs. In addition we've dyed beautiful gradation collections and packaged these in fat eighths (8 yummy shades), fat quarters (8 shades) or half yard bundles (4 shades). While no one can honestly claim to make the only hand dyed quilting fabric that truly looks like suede, or that this is an exclusive dyeing process, the end result for you as a quilter is a beautiful quilt. Which, of course, is always our goal here at Liberty Homestead!

All my fabrics are 44″/45″ wide, are ready to use, and come with a fabric care sheet. We sell yardage in 2 yard bundles, but 1 yard cuts are available upon request.  We do our best to keep our dye lots identical, but since the dyes from our sources may vary, there may be slight differences in the fabric. We recommend you buy all the fabric you need for your project at the same time.  Ask any quilter and they’ll tell you – it’s all about the fabric!  And you're going to love our fabric! 

Liberty Homestead's Hand Dyed, Sueded Cotton - "It's To Dye For"!

LIBERTY HOMESTEAD Farmhouse Quilts - Patterns & Kits

Liberty HomesteanIn years past I have published an extensive line of individual quilt patterns – over 100 titles! Beginning in 1994 I concentrated mostly on writing books. But lately I have again started publishing quilt patterns.  So I am including a pattern category in my shopping cart. Look for this section to grow in the coming months!
NEW SHOO FLY CHARM Finished Size:  27” x 43”. This quilt is the perfect way to showcase our favorite Charm Square fabrics!  With one of my favorite traditional blocks, the Shoo Fly. The humble little Shoo Fly is one of the most versatile of all traditional quilt block designs.  There are more variations than I can list.  In this quilt I’ve used (3) of these variations – each one made from a different 5” x 5” charm square.  This is a fun way to use all the fabrics we all love in our favorite Charm Packs.  The kit includes (18) 5” x 5” charm squares in red, white, & blue, from the Viva La France collection by French General & Moda along with Navy & Brown (Liberty Blue & Cattails) hand dyed cottons from Liberty Homestead.


PARLOR PILLOWS is a collection of embroidered pillows reminiscent of the 30′s and 40′s when handwork was prominently displayed in a woman’s home. The fancier the work, the more it was shown off – ultimately in the parlor where guests would be surrounded by these pretty little touches. The colored areas of the designs in these parlor pillows are colored in with crayons. The patterns come complete with a fat quarter of our Liberty Homestead hand dyed cotton for the stitched area, giving your work a vintage feel. Our fabric will accept either a fabric crayon or a standard Crayola crayon. You just trace the design on the fabric, color in the sections as directed, and stitch as explained in the complete directions. Finish the pillow with your favorite color of our hand dyed cotton, as shown, or try framing your work for a unique finish. And when you’re done, decorate your “parlor” and invite company over!



Liberty HomesteadThe Banner of the Month is a new collection just beginning here at Liberty Homestead. This is a series of charming quilt banners with seasonal themes – one for each month of the year. They’re all about the same size – pick out a spot on your wall to hang these cute little quilts and change them out each month to reflect what’s happening outside your window! I’ve started with the first three months, April, May, & June. Following months will be posted as we go. Check it out!


Block of the Month The pieces and parts for my Banner of the Month Club are all finally together and I’m happy to introduce my new “Folk Art Album” Block of the Month. For my Folk Art Album quilt I chose 9 of the most recognizable, traditional Baltimore Album blocks and gave them a “Folk Art flavor”. And I’ve taken the liberty of adding a top panel of my own design. By Folk Art flavor I mean clean, simple lines, “chunkier” designs, and all solid colors using Liberty Homestead’s hand dyed, sueded cottons. I’ve used the traditional red, yellow, & green color scheme (with a couple extra!), but in shades that lend a more contemporary feel. I’ve chosen to include 100% Bamboo batting in the kits. This is a wonderfully soft, anti-bacterial batting made from renewable resources. I’ve added touches of hand dyed & Kurumi covered buttons for a little touch of whimsy. The applique is all fusible and the quilting is by machine – 2 things you will never see in the traditional Baltimore Album quilts!