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The Kitchen Hearth - Farmhouse Quilts
  • The Kitchen Hearth - Farmhouse Quilts

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    "The Kitchen Hearth" is the 6th book in the popular Farmhouse Quilts series. The style and feel of the book as well as techniques used are the same as explained in the previous books. This book features quilts and other projects with "the heart of the home" stitched right into them. The hanging quilt on the front cover shows pieced and appliqued baskets arranged in a postage stamp pattern. In between the basket blocks are embroidered bouquets made up of little wool flowers. This is a very charming quilt to hang in your kitchen or any room in your house. There are other basket quilts and embroidered quilts in the book, including a little redwork quilt . This little quilt features embroidered steaming tea cups, a tea pot, a daisy bouquet, and a cherry pie that looks good enough to eat! And speaking of snacks, there's a fun little gingerbread man wall quilt and door knob pillow -non-fattening! All in all, this is a very versatile book combining piecing, applique, and embroidery with wool accents on several pieces. Projects range from a 35" x 48" Bear Paw Kaleidoscope quilt to small wall hangings, door knob pillows, tea towels, and pot holders. Bring the heart of the home to every room in your house!

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