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Rainbow Collection 3

Rainbow Collection 3

These are our “Cotton To Dye For” Rainbow Collections.  There are four Rainbow Collections – all four consist of the same 10 colors, but range from dark to light.  Collection #1 (top photo) is the darkest and features all 10 of the 2 Yard Bundle base colors.  From left to right the colors are Charcoal, Cattails, Barn Red, Meadow, Grape Jelly, Liberty Blue, Shade Tree, Goldenrod, Smoked Cheddar, and Pumpkin Pie.  These are deep, rich colors perfect for your traditional or primitive projects.  Collection #2 consists of the same 10 colors – just one shade lighter for each.  And the collections continue to get lighter, as shown in the photos, till you get to Collection #4 – same 10 colors, but in the palest of pale shades.

The Rainbow Collections are available in Half Yard cuts - a total of 5 yummy yards.  They are also available in 10 Fat Eighths (11" x 18" each).  These beautiful Rainbows will add a wonderful variety to any stash or project.  This is the good stuff!

1/2 Yard pack - $79.95
1/8 Yard pack - $21.95

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