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Mailbox Pumpkins Kit 29" x 36"

Mailbox Pumpkins Kit 29" x 36"

Mailbox Pumpkins
Finished Size: 29” x 36”

 What’s one of the first things you think about when we talk about the fall season? Pumpkins! (OK - Stay with me here - I said ONE of the first things!) Pumpkins on the vine ready for fall harvest. Pumpkins on the porch carved into Jack-O-Lanterns. Pumpkins on quilts. Pumpkin Pie! For my Mailbox Pumpkins I’ve once again used my hand dyed sueded cottons exclusively. I chose a soft grey background and made my pumpkins from assorted fall colors. And flying in and around the pumpkin patch are strips of Flying Geese. For these I’ve used my hand dyed gradations, repeating the greens, cheddars, and oranges used for the pumpkins. It’s a happy little pumpkin patch to celebrate this wonderful time of year!
(Pattern included.  Does NOT include backing.)

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