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Farmhouse Quilts: Farmyard Flower Patch 28" x 32"

Farmhouse Quilts: Farmyard Flower Patch 28" x 32"


Finished Size:  28” x 32”
My grandma had a big flower patch near the farmhouse that was filled with flowers of every kind, every size, every color. Some were wild, some were planted, all were beautiful. But the best part to me was that she didn’t spend time “arranging” and planning. She planted the flowers she liked or that she had seeds for, regardless of any plan. She let the wild flowers do their thing, wherever they wanted to. And her result was a big, glorious, blooming delight!

While I definitely did not inherit grandma’s green thumb, I did follow in her quilting footsteps. My “Farmyard Flower Patch” is my best way to celebrate her wonderfully wild flower patch. I’ve used my hand dyed, sueded cottons in bold, bright colors exclusively for the whole quilt. Some backgrounds are pieced, some are not. The flowers are all fusible, raw edge applique. So, while my flowers may not smell as wonderful as Grandma’s, they look pretty good hanging on my wall!

CC127 Pattern - $10.95
CC127 Kit & Pattern - $84.95 (Pattern Included, does NOT include backing)

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