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Banner of The Month: March 18" x 22.5"

Banner of The Month: March 18" x 22.5"

Finished Size:  18” x 22 ½”
March – In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb.  Living in a rural area in the  Midwest we feel the Lion with the seemingly never ending wind blowing  all around us.  Which is why I’ve chosen to emphasize the Lamb in this  month’s banner.  It was an easy choice!  The lambs can be easily made  with wool or wool felt, but I chose to make mine with cotton batting – a  little “fussier” to work with, but oh so soft & fluffy!  Techniques  include machine piecing, applique, and embroidery.

Pattern:  $10.95
Kit:  $36.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

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