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So do I! If we're not at a quilt show coming to your town soon, or if you're unable to visit us here at the mercantile, I invite you to take advantage of our online shopping. Or perhaps you want more of the beautiful hand dyed, sueded cotton you bought at our booth.

You can order Liberty Homestead Quilt Books, Patterns, and Kits, as well as our own Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton right from your home.

We offer secure credit card payments, as well as PayPal, and your order will be quickly shipped to your sewing room. (Unless we're at a quilt show! Check out our show schedule when ordering.) Feel free to email me with any questions you have about my designs or fabrics. I love to get e-mail!

Liberty Homestean Quilts

Block of the Month


Block Of the Month
Finished Size: 32” x 44”

Block of the Month The Wildflowers quilt is a fun combination of my original embroidery designs and some of my favorite traditional quilt block designs – in an easy to do 5 month program.  The quilt is made with Liberty Homestead’s hand dyed, sueded cotton in a simple 3-color palette.  The dark Blue and the Spring Green fabrics make a strong background for the bright Ivory accents.  And the Ivory makes the perfect background for the Blue & Green embroidered wildflowers.  This is a classic quilt that brings a wildflower garden into the homes of every quilt and flower lover!

This is a 5 month program.  Each month you’ll receive Liberty Homestead’s hand dyed, sueded cotton for each section.  I’ve included 2 layers of the Ivory fabric for your embroidered blocks – this gives you a better foundation for your stitching and also hides any stray threads from showing through from the back to the front.  You’ll also receive the embroidery patterns, the pieced block patterns, and the complete instructions to put that section together.  There are 5 sections in the quilt:

Month 1 you’ll receive the patterns and instructions for section 1 which includes 2 embroidered blocks, 2 pieced blocks, and finishing instructions.  You receive all the Liberty Homestead hand dyed fabrics you’ll need for this section as well as all the DMC embroidery floss you’ll need for the whole quilt.
Months 2 through 4 you’ll receive the same – fabric, patterns for embroideries and pieced blocks, and finishing instructions for each section.
Month 5 includes the patterns and fabrics for section 5 as well as the border fabrics and finishing instructions.

The monthly kits will be mailed on the first of each month (or close to it!).  The charge for the first month’s kit is $35.00.  The kits for months 2 through 5 are $25.00 each.  All shipping is included.  Your credit card will be charged as the kits are sent.  You can also purchase the complete kit, each section packaged individually, for all you over achievers out there!

Cradit Card Only/ No PayPal.

Complete Kit: $120.00





Block Of the Month
Finished Size: 41” x 53”

Block of the Month      Yesterday’s wonderful traditional quilt blocks meet today’s contemporary style in my Today’s Traditions quilt design.  This is a combination that’s meant to be.  Some of the traditional blocks in this quilt I’ve used over and over again in my designs of the last 42 years.  And some I’ve just made up based on the clean, geometric lines favored in contemporary quilting.

  I believe that this combination of the old and the new is one of the reasons why quilting has been loved by generations, and is still going strong.  By keeping the traditions we love and combining them with current trends in design and color we will ensure the love of quilting will continue well into our futures.  And I just have to say it – It’s a good thing!

  This sampler quilt is made up of twelve 12” blocks using only two colors.  I first started the quilt using high contrast colors, but I found that using a “soft contrast” was more pleasing and allowed the many different patterns to blend more easily.  Also, by using solid colors rather than prints all the focus is on the design alone.  I made the quilt in the photograph with my own Liberty Homestead Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton in Grey & Ivory (Shadow & Winter Wheat).  These are the fabrics you’ll receive in your kits.

   This is a 7 month program.  For each of the first 6 months you will receive my hand dyed cottons and instructions to make 2 blocks.  At the 7th month you’ll receive the fabric & instructions to finish your quilt, along with DMC embroidery floss and matching hand dyed buttons to add a touch of “whimsy” to this geometric quilt.

   Your monthly kits will be mailed on the 1st of each month (or close to it!).  Your credit card will be charged as the kits are sent - $15.50 per month + $4.50 shipping – a total of $20.00 each month

Cradit Card Only/ No PayPal.

Complete Kit: $140.00


Block Of the Month
Finished Size: 43 ½” x 52 ½”

Block of the MonthThe original Baltimore Album quilts have a long history in the world of quilting. The beautifully detailed blocks are enduring examples of fine applique, needlework, and devotion to the art of quilting. For my Folk Art Album quilt I chose 9 of the most recognizable, traditional Baltimore Album blocks and gave them a “Folk Art flavor”. And I’ve taken the liberty of adding a top panel of my own design.

By Folk Art flavor I mean clean, simple lines, “chunkier” designs, and all solid colors using Liberty Homestead’s hand dyed, sueded cottons. I’ve used the traditional red, yellow, & green color scheme (with a couple extra!), but in shades that lend a more contemporary feel. I’ve chosen to include 100%Bamboo batting in the kits. This is a wonderfully soft, anti-bacterial batting made from renewable resources. I’ve added touches of hand dyed & Kurumi covered buttons for a little touch of whimsy. The applique is all fusible and the quilting is by machine – 2 things you will never see in the traditional quilts!

Each block is completed as you go – applique, quilting, & embellishments. When your 9 blocks and the top panel are finished, you just sew them together with the sets & border and you’re done! Just like that!

BONUS!! Included with your first month’s kit will be our custom silk-screened 100% cotton canvas tote. This great tote measures 14” x 15” x 4” and is silk-screened with the image of your completed Folk Art Quilt. It’s perfect for keeping all your materials together from month to month!


In Month 1 you will receive the kit for Block #1. Each block kit will include the Ivory background fabric and bamboo batting for that block – both cut to size. Also included are the hand dyed applique fabrics, dyed or Kurumi buttons, pattern, and instructions. You will also receive the finishing kit. Because the quilt is made with Liberty Homestead’s hand dyed, sueded cotton, the finishing fabrics are included up front to insure you will not have dye lot issues throughout your quilt. This kit will include general directions, Ivory fabric for the sets, borders, & binding, Red & Cheddar hand dyed fabrics for the narrow borders, and bamboo batting for the border strips. Also included will be a color card – small samples of the fabrics used in the quilt to match to threads for the applique pieces & quilting.

In Months 2 thru 9 you will receive kits for the individual blocks. As in Block #1 each kit will include the hand dyed Ivory background and the bamboo batting for that block – both cut to size. Also included are the applique fabrics, dyed or Kurumi buttons, pattern, and instructions.
In Month 10 you will receive the top panel kit. This kit will include the pre-cut background & bamboo batting, applique fabrics, pattern & instruction. In addition you will receive the Finishing Instructions. Using the fabrics included with Block #1 you’ll be able to easily sew together your quilt, as each block is already completely finished.

In addition to the materials furnished in the monthly kits you will also need:
1) Your choice of an iron-on adhesive for all the applique.
2) Muslin or scrap fabric for the backing of each block & the top panel, about 1 ¾ yards. This fabric will not show when the quilt is finished.
3) 1 ¾ yard backing.

PRICES - All prices include shipping.

Month #1 - $51.95
Months #2 thru Month #9 - $14.95 Each
Month #10 – $19.95


…….For all you over achievers out there, I’ve put together an accelerated BOM program. The first and last months are the same. But in the middle months you will receive 2 blocks per month – a 6 month program. Pricing is as follow (shipping included):

Month #1 (Block #1 & Finishing Kit) - $51.95
Month #2 (Blocks #2 & #3) - $25.95
Month #3 (Blocks #4 & #5) - $25.95
Month #4 (Blocks #6 & #7) - $25.95
Month #5 (Blocks #8 & #9) - $25.95
Month #6 (Top Panel) - $19.95


Kits will be mailed out on or around the 10th of the month. Your card will be charged when the kits are sent – credit card only - no PayPal.

Complete Kit: $190.00