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So do I! If we're not at a quilt show coming to your town soon, or if you're unable to visit us here at the mercantile, I invite you to take advantage of our online shopping. Or perhaps you want more of the beautiful hand dyed, sueded cotton you bought at our booth.

You can order Liberty Homestead Quilt Books, Patterns, and Kits, as well as our own Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton right from your home.

We offer secure credit card payments, as well as PayPal, and your order will be quickly shipped to your sewing room. (Unless we're at a quilt show! Check out our show schedule when ordering.) Feel free to email me with any questions you have about my designs or fabrics. I love to get e-mail!

Liberty Homestean Quilts

Banner of the Month Club

The Banner Of The Month is a new collection just starting here at Liberty Homestead. This is a series of charming little quilt banners with seasonal themes – one for each month of the year. They’re all about the same size – pick out a spot on your wall to hang these cute little quilts and change them out each month to reflect what’s happening outside your window! You can purchase the patterns or kits individually or – better yet – join the club! Here’s how it works:

BANNER OF THE MONTH CLUB: On or about the first of each month (depending on our show schedule) you will receive the Banner Of the Month kit for the following month – ex: On July 1 you will receive a kit for the month of August. Each kit will contain Liberty Homestead’s hand dyed sueded cotton, complete pattern, and any threads or embellishments needed to make that month’s banner. As a special bonus you will receive in your kit a custom screen printed monthly name plate. These name plates are only available in the kits. Each banner can be completed with or without these – you’re going to choose With!

And here’s the best part. Your credit card will be charged a Club Price of $28.95 + $6.00 shipping each month, at the time of shipping, regardless of the individual retail price for that month. You will continue to receive the monthly kits until you have all 12 months, unless we are notified differently.

Join the Club! Select "Starting Month" and click the button to add membership to shopping cart and checkout. (By purchasing this option you are agreeing to let us charge your credit card each month for the monthly fees. You can stop your membership at any time, just contact us. Your card will be charged $34.95 = $28.95 + $6.00 S/H when your banner kit is ready to ship each month.)


Buy Individual Kits & Patterns below!

Liberty Homestead Banner of the Month ClubJANUARY
Finished Size: 16” x 20”
The month of January is cold. For most of us it’s just cold! But once we get past this we can appreciate the better side of a soft winter snowfall, the calmness & quiet of snow covered surroundings, and the post card pretty view of a winter wonderland scene outside your window. This month’s banner reflects that better side through the soft, icy colors and the silver metallic ric-rac and thread. Go ahead and venture out – but – Wear Warm Clothes!

Pattern: $9.95
Kit: $32.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

Liberty Homestead Banner of the Month ClubFEBRUARY
Finished Size: 16” x 19”
February is the month of “long winter nights”. Ever wonder what happens outside during those long nights? I’m imagining that’s the perfect time for snowmen everywhere to enjoy the calm & quiet of a snow covered winter night under the stars. And we all know that snowmen are really made with hexi’s!

Pattern: $9.95
Kit: $33.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

Liberty Homestead Banner of the Month ClubMARCH
Finished Size:  18” x 22 ½”
March – In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb.  Living in a rural area in the 
Midwest we feel the Lion with the seemingly never ending wind blowing 
all around us.  Which is why I’ve chosen to emphasize the Lamb in this 
month’s banner.  It was an easy choice!  The lambs can be easily made 
with wool or wool felt, but I chose to make mine with cotton batting – a 
little “fussier” to work with, but oh so soft & fluffy!  Techniques 
include machine piecing, applique, and embroidery.

Pattern:  $9.95
Kit:  $31.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

Liberty Homestead Banner of the Month ClubAPRIL
Finished Size: 16 ½” x 20”
“April Showers Bring May Flowers”. Rainy days are a great excuse to spend some quality time in our sewing rooms and get that sewing machine humming! And April is a month that guarantees us those rainy days! This little banner shows three rain clouds showering us with fat rain drops. The left side has a panel of Flying Geese echoing the falling raindrops. Techniques include fusible applique, piecing, and some straight line embroidery.

Pattern: $9.95
Kit: $28.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

Finished Size: 15” x 21”
Here we go! Finally! The flowers those April showers have been promising us! This is a great time of the year when we welcome back the warmth & the flowers of Spring. This May banner celebrates Spring with brightly colored flowers on a warm “sunny” pieced background. Techniques include piecing & fusible applique. In my opinion, May never comes too soon or lasts too long!

Pattern: $9.95
Kit: $34.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

Finished Size: 15” x 18”
June is the month when summer begins to get in full swing. Flowers are blooming, the grass and trees are clean & green, and we turn our attention to the outdoors. I imagine the little birds that live in these houses and who are flying around the borders are feeling the same way! Techniques include piecing and fusible applique.

Pattern: $9.95
Kit: $28.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)


Finished Size:  16 ½” x 20 ½”
July – sunshine, fireworks, family picnics, and a little weekend camping 
when you can.  Or Glamping – even better!  This cute little camper 
practically screams Home, Sweet Home.  And I’m pretty sure that on the 
other side there’s a little grill heating up with a stack of s’more 
fixin’s ready to go.  One can wish!  Techniques include machine piecing, 
fusible applique, and embroidery.

Pattern:  $9.95
Kit:  $36.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)


Finished Size:  16 ½” x 18 ½”
August – flowers blooming, sunny skies, outdoor living, and bike rides 
in the park.  What’s not to like?  It’s the month for picnics, family 
gatherings, weekends at the lake, and lazy, hazy days before we head 
into the fall season.  It’s the month to take advantage of every last 
day of summer!  Techniques include machine piecing, fusible applique, 
and embroidery.

Pattern:  $9.95
Kit:  $28.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

Finished Size: 16 ” x 20"
September is the month when we see the slow change from summer to fall. Cooler nights, crisper air, and most of all - the colors! This month's banner celebrates the colors with 3-dimensional bouquets of fall flowers in my favorite vases - good ol' mason jars. Happy Fall Y'all!

Pattern:  $9.95
Kit:  $36.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

Finished Size: 15" x 18"
The month of October is a full-on celebration of Fall. This month's banner is a fun collection of the signs of October - colorful Fall leaves, pumpkins, and candy corn - of course! The candy corn flowers & the embroidered vines add a touch of whimsy. It's as if they, too, are celebrating this wonderful season!

Pattern:  $9.95
Kit:  $28.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

Finished Size:  15" X 19"
November is the month of harvest for fields and gardens all across the  country.  It's the season of bounty culminating in our thanksgiving for  all we have received.  In this little banner I've highlighted one of my  favorite things about this season - the harvest moon hanging low over  the horizon as the harvested fields lay in rest.  It's good to take a  break in our fast paced & busy days to just enjoy & appreciate a quiet  moment.

Pattern:  $9.95
Kit:  $29.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)

Finished Size:  15 1/2" x 21 1/2"
December is the month when we start thinking about settling down for the  long winter months ahead.  And who wouldn't want to do that in a warm,  cozy log cabin in the woods with the stars shining bright in a clear  winter sky?  (Maybe a warm, cozy log cabin with a really great sewing  room.)  I know I would!  We can dream, right?

Pattern:  $9.95
Kit:  $36.95 (Pattern included – does NOT include backing.)