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So do I! If we're not at a quilt show coming to your town soon, or if you're unable to visit us here at the mercantile, I invite you to take advantage of our online shopping. Or perhaps you want more of the beautiful hand dyed, sueded cotton you bought at our booth.

You can order Liberty Homestead Quilt Books, Patterns, and Kits, as well as our own Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton right from your home. You'll also find other unusual goodies here at the Mercantile.

We offer secure credit card payments, as well as PayPal, and your order will be quickly shipped to your sewing room. (Unless we're at a quilt show! Check out our show schedule when ordering.) Feel free to email me with any questions you have about my designs or fabrics. I love to get e-mail!

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The kits available below contain enough fabric & threads to make the quilt shown on the front cover as well as the bonus project shown on the back (backings not included). The pattern books are included with the kits.

Baskets & Blooms

This fun little quilt can be made in any color to match any decor. Choose a background color, add a black border, and start adding scraps of as many colors as you like. The pieced baskets have machine appliqued handles, and the machine applique is repeated in the cute little "lollipop" flowers. And these flowers bloom all year long! Finished size - 24" x 24" The fun "lollipop" flowers show up again in the scrap project on the back. These little framed pieces are great for gifts or for adding a spark of interest in any small corner or table top in your home. Finished - 4" x 6" frame.

LB05 - Baskets & Blooms Book - $8.95
LB05K - Baskets & Blooms Kit (Includes Book) - $54.95

Black Star

The Black Star quilt is bold and graphic and wonderful! It's based on two very traditional quilt blocks - the Sawtooth Star paired with the Oddfellow's Chain. This seemingly intricate block is actually very simply made with bias squares and Flying Geese blocks. The little pop of red as an accent and the easily made floral appliques give this sharply geometric quilt just the right amount of whimsy. Finished size - 27" x 27".
The little project shown on the back is made with the left over fabrics. The charming little floral appliques are repeated here and shown off in a 8" x 10" frame - the perfect go-together!

LB01 - Black Star Book - $8.95
LB01K - Black Star Kit (Includes Book) - $59.95

Bubble Bees

This quilt is so much fun! Our little Bubble Bees are made with round circles of yellow fused on a sky blue background. The wings are made with a yellow polka dot fabric, gathered & tacked in the center for a 3-dimensional finish. These little round bees look like bubbles floating & flying in and around the red flowers and blue sky. A momma lady bug takes her family of three baby bugs for a walk in the tall grass below. All this while the yellow sun shines above. Finished size - 19" x 25".
Bits and pieces from the quilt are shown on the back cover in framed pieces, and are made with the fabrics left over from the quilt. Put it all together, and you have a fun little grouping to brighten any child's day! Finished - 5" x 7".

LB12 - Bubble Bees Book - $8.95
LB12K - Bubble Bees Kit (Includes Book) - $43.95

Chocolate & Chili

Chocolate & Chili - an interesting combination! And an interesting little quilt to go with it. The traditional Bear Paw blocks are combined with a simple pieced block, all in shades of warm brown with chili pepper red accents. Finished size - 23" x 23".
In the scrap project on the back the bear paw block gets a whole new look when set on point. This little quilt would make a fun table topper or pillow to accompany your quilt. Finished - 15" x 15".

LB03 - Chocolate & Chili Book - $8.95

Country Bouquets

The flowers in this quilt are made from one of my favorite quilt blocks - the Sawtooth Star. The curved lines of the stems & leaves soften the sharp angles of the star and give the feel of country flowers waving across the prairie. With the addition of old fashioned ric-rac and little black buttons, this quilt really brings the feeling of being out in the country into your home. Finished size - 22" x 38".
The cute little banner shown on the back is made with scraps from the quilt. I made mine in rich browns, blacks, and reds, but you could easily use any colors you like. Finished - 10" x 14"

LB07 - Country Bouquets Book - $8.95
LB07K - Country Bouquets Kit (Includes Book) - $58.95

Dresden Lace

This quilt features the very classic Dresden Plate - with a little extra. The blocks are set on point with a trellis set, giving a new look to a traditional block. Also, in the set blocks I've done a simple embroidery outline of the plates with a large running stitch. I think this looks like a bit of lace - a nice complement to all the sharp angles. Add the use of high contrast fabrics and you have a very striking quilt that's sure to make a statement wherever you hang it. Finished size - 27" x 37".
The little banner shown on the back is made with the scraps. This is a fun little piece that will give you the same classic tradition - without all the work! Finished - 12" x 12".

LB08 - Dresden Lace Book - $8.95
LB08K - Dresden Lace Kit (Includes Book) - $61.95

Harvest Blossoms

This fun little quilt showcases the warm colors of fall and the last hearty blossoms of the year. The geometric look of the Flying Geese blocks and the stylized fall flowers give a modern twist to traditional harvest memories. Add a whimsical touch with the little covered buttons and you have the total package! Finished size - 15" x 24".
The small quilt on the back cover is made with the left over fabrics. It repeats all the parts of the quilt and would be a great complimentary piece. It could be finished as a little quilt, as a pillow, or framed to hang on the wall. Finished - 9" x 10".

LB16 - Harvest Blossoms Book - $8.95
LB16K - Harvest Blossoms Kit (Includes Book) - $48.95

Prairie Points Star

This little quilt may look complicated, but it's not - it's Ohio Stars! The striking color combination and the unique block setting & border combine to give a lot of visual interest to an old favorite. The prairie point border repeats the star points and frames the quilt perfectly. Finished size - 20" x 31"
The little scrap project shows the same stars with the prairie point border facing the opposite way. The points are all dressed up with tiny matching buttons for that little extra touch. Finished - 15" x 15".

LB04 - Prairie Points Star Book - $8.95
LB04K - Prairie Points Star Kit (Includes Book) - $54.95

Ships Ahoy!

Here's a fun little quilt filled with sailboats and stars. The ships seem to be bouncing happily along the waves while the assortment of falling stars keeps them company. The red, white, and blue theme will brighten any little corner in your home - a child's room, the cabin on the lake, or just your fun room! Don't you wish you were sailing away right now? Finished size - 17" x 23".
The cute little pillow shown on the back cover is made with the left over fabric scraps from the quilt. I've added a few more sails, and made the mast from little red buttons. This would look great with the quilt - or all by itself! Finished - 10" x 10".

LB10 - Ships Ahoy! Book - $8.95
LB10K - Ships Ahoy Kit (Includes Book) - $56.95

Shoo Fly Surprise

The Shoo Fly Surprise is a two color quilt that can be made in any color combination you like. I chose black & tan, then added a red accent in the border & the button flowers. To add interest I used several different black prints for the little blocks, adding tones & values to a two color quilt. Finished size - 26" x 33".
The pillow on the back features four of the same little blocks and the same embroidered finishes. This is a great set when used together, or each piece can easily stand alone. Finished - 11" x 11".

LB06 - Shoo Fly Surprise - $8.95
LB06K - Shoo Fly Surprise Kit (Includes Book) - $61.95

Star Garden

The Star Garden is a fun little quilt that combines traditional piecing and wool applique. The classic Ohio Stars in black & white are connected with an assortment of red triangles, forming an even more classic 9-patch design. The wool applique flowers soften the overall look and give a warm and whimsical feel to an otherwise sharply geometric quilt. Finished size - 22" x 22".
The framed picture on the back is made with the scraps. This little piece keeps the geometric feel of the quilt with the black & white sawtooth border. Again, the wool applique flowers bring the softness in and make this a wonderful complimentary piece. Finished - 8" x 10".

LB15 - Star Garden Book - $8.95
LB15K - Star Garden Kit (Includes Book) - $44.95

Starshine & Shadows

This little quilt is a combination of two traditional quilt blocks - the Sawtooth Star and the Churn Dash. The sharp lines and angles of these blocks, combined with the strong, contrasting colors make this a very striking quilt. It could be made in many color combinations from the bold & sharp contrasts as shown to softer colors and prints. It's your choice! Finished size - 29" x 29".
The cute little star banner shown on the back is made with the scraps. Again, this is a great little design that can be made over and over again in many different color combinations. Finished - 12" x 12".

LB09 - Starshine & Shadows Book - $8.95
LB09K - Starshine & Shadows Kit (Includes Book) - $46.95

Sugar & Spice

This little quilt is all about the little girly-girl in your life. Pink & green, flowers, polka dots - it's all there. It's sugar & spice - and every sweet little thing in between. Celebrate the little girl in all of us with this "everything nice" wall quilt. Finished size - 16" x 26".
There's always room for a little more "cute". In this case, the Cutie Pie banner shown on the back. This adorable little banner is made with the fabrics left over from the quilt. It would look great on the wall of your cutie's bedroom, or could be finished in a fun little pillow. Finished - 9" x 12".

LB11 - Sugar & Spice Book - $8.95
LB11K - Sugar & Spice Kit (Includes Book) - $43.95

Tea For Two

This quilt is based on the classic "T" quilt. It's a simple, yet very graphic design made with only squares & rectangles - a rotary cutter's delight! In my quilt the sharply graphic design of the block itself is softened with the use of a wonderful toile print. However, since this is a two color quilt, you could easily change the overall look and feel of the quilt with your fabric selection. Finished size - 34" x 43".
The little banner on the back cover shows a second design using the same "T" block - made from the scraps. Reversing the colors and changing the direction of the blocks gives a second look to this classic block. Finished - 12" x 12".

LB14 - Tea For Two - $8.95

X's & O's

This graphic little wall quilt is easily made, yet is strong enough to make a striking impression anywhere you hang it. The sharp geometric lines are softened with the little yo-yo centers. And the 2 color design can easily be adapted to fit any decor. Finished size - 29" x 29".
The little project on the back is made with the scraps. A quick and easy way to brighten the smallest nook or cranny in your home! Finished - 9" x 12".

LB02 - X's & O's Book - $8.95
LB02K - X's & O's Kit (Includes Book) - $51.95